2020’s most Instagrammable drinks 

Instagram is arguably the home of the food and drink industries advertorial platform. Whether your brand has embraced social media or not, your plates and glasses will be popping up in someone’s Story feed — if it’s aesthetic enough, of course. This potential crowd of eyes can be so beneficial in spreading the word about your products, even more so if it goes viral! 

Instagrammable food, according to Deliveroo, has not only secured its place on the social media platform, it is also growing. The takeaway giants highlighted a number of delicious items that are most likely to get snapped, including the always-popular milkshake. But what other drinks trends are sent to take 2020 by storm? Stay ahead of the competition and make sure you’re serving the right stuff in 2020! 

Reflecting back on 2019

From turmeric lattes to fermented drinks, the 2019 health kick was the predominant catalyst behind this trend as more and more customers become health conscious. This was further supported by in the introduction of the sugar tax in the UK, which not only turned people away from sugar-filled drinks, but seemed to encourage trying more bitter-tasting beverages. 

One drink, hot or cold, that has continuously been a highly popular and preferred go-to drink is Coffee.    In all of its forms has become synonymous with trendy drinking, and thanks to its adaptability, has remained a firm favourite each year. So much so that coffee roasters are now indefinitely considered a key resource in our day to day lives one way or another. If cold drinks take centre stage like in 2019, iced coffee can compete. Non-dairy trends? Coffee with soya milk, oat milk, or a hundred other alternatives can suit a customer’s taste. Whatever the trend, coffee has the uncanny ability to flex its way into the arena.  

The 2019 environmental trend for reusable bottles and travel mugs looks set to continue its strive throughout 2020. Whether it be for coffee, tea, or soft drinks, this trend looks here to stay. From environmental concerns to having the ability to truly customise drinks, consumers have really taken to reusable drinking vessels in the last year. 

Drink predictions for 2020 

It’s thought that based on 2019’s drink trends, the predictions for the most popular drinks in 2020 will persistently appear up on Instagram. 

The concept of ‘less, but better’, an idea put forward by The Drinks Business, is considered to be a key trend. Spring boarding off the back of our health-conscious spark in 2019, 2020 will see consumers loosening their wallets more if it means getting better quality, better ingredients, and a better experience from their drinks. Take a moment to review your suppliers to ensure you’re receiving such ingredients — for example, if you’re running a café, a high-quality wholesale coffee beans UK supplier can really boost the calibre of your beverages. 

The spotlight on Instagram for high-quality drinks will always shine bright, all throughout 2020 too!

Allowing yourself a small treat every now and then isn’t bad though! Though the low-to-no alcohol trend is still going strong into 2020, people aren’t averse to a treat at the end of the week. But it looks as though the ever-popular gin may finally be knocked off the top shelf in favour of another tipsy resurgence. 

Despite rum being more complex to make and is therefore slightly more expensive than gin, its suggested that its success will excel in 2020. Between customer fatigue in gin and the aforementioned “less, but better” mentality, the complexity of rum production could very well afford it a slot as a 2020 drinks trend. Experts say the challenge now is to rebrand rum’s image from a cheap party drink to a premium spirit — but if gin managed to shake off its senior-citizen drink of choice image, we’re sure rum can leave its sailor’s image in the water! 

After the sugar tax lead to the rise of bitter drinks and the rum vs gin challenge commencing, could these trends hit the Instagram platform in 2020?

Ever heard of the Calypso coffee? This luxurious and warming beverage could be your new 2020 favourite drink: 


  • 30ml dark crème de cacao
  • 30ml spiced rum
  • 120ml hot coffee 
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate shavings 


  • Mix together your freshly brewed coffee, spiced rum, and dark crème de cacao into a coffee mug.
  • Use whipped cream to decorate the drink, sprinkle with organic chocolate shavings, and serve. Of course, this drink is perfect for trying out a variety of different toppings!

Instagram lenses are not shy to a good food or beverage photo. So, be sure to push the boat out not only with your drinks menu, but with the ingredients going into your concoctions in order to wow your customers in 2020.