Apple To Replace iTunes

When Apple debuted iTunes nearly two decades ago, it transformed the way people bought, stored, and listened to music.

But for a while now, people had suspected that the advent of the MacOS Catalina would lead to the annihilation of iTunes. Craig Federighi, an Apple Senior Vice President, did not disappoint them.

Craig revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose that Apple was going to replace iTunes with three new applications.

Users would get an app for music, an app for podcasts, and an app for Apple TV. Apple’s goal is to keep its users’ consumption of movie and television content, podcasts, and music separate.

That being said, some of the perks of iTunes will remain unchanged. For instance, the iTunes Music Store isn’t going anywhere. More importantly, users will still have access to their music library.

For the longest time, iPhones were Apple’s bread and butter. The devices are still their biggest draw. However, sales have dropped, primarily because most people are choosing to remain loyal to a single device.

This is as opposed to transitioning to each new iPhone that hits the market. Apple is clearly looking to cash in on services that require subscriptions. The company has spent the last few months pushing the Apple TV brand, mostly through the acquisition of television and movie talent with a global appeal.

Apple TV is expected to drastically change the streaming arena, and Apple will continue to adjust the various components of its media empire to give Apple TV the biggest advantage in the field. 

iTunes was such a streamlined tool when Apple launched it. But over time, they added even more features to it. No doubt, there was a time when they thought they could continue to pad iTunes with new functions.

But clearly, Craig and his people saw the benefit in crafting new dedicated apps to take some of the weight off iTunes.