Game of Thrones Travel Locations

Game of Thrones is High Fantasy, so it utilizes computer-generated images to transport viewers to its fictional landscapes. That being said, many of the breathtaking sights you have seen on the world’s most popular television show are real places on earth. 

And most of these are just as alluring in real life as they are on television, which is why Game of Thrones Travel Locations have become such a common request for many travel agencies.

Most prominent among them is Dubrovnik in Croatia which acts as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, the center of political power in the show’s Seven Kingdom.

The town, with its medieval architecture and formidable walls, has drawn so much interest from tourists that the government of Croatia has taken steps to limit the number of visitors it can receive on any given day.

Of course, if your objective is to immerse your senses in the more fantastical aspects of the show, then you should probably make the Myrdalsjokull glacier in Iceland your very first stop.

Acting as the base camp for the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones and providing the platform upon which the conflict between the living and the dead is perpetrated, the glacier will send chills down your spine, both literally and figuratively.

Few other production locations are this magical. Though, if the ice and the snow aren’t your cup of tea, then you might be better off visiting Ait-Ben-Haddou in Morocco whose traditional pre-Saharan habitants made it the perfect stand-in for Slaver’s Bay.

Then there is the Alcazar in Seville (Spain) whose lush estate became the water gardens of Dorne, the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland whose verdant scenery was used to simulate the entrance to the Dothraki Holy Land, the Dark Hedges, also in Northern Ireland, which served as the Kingsroad.

Game of Thrones seems to have the most enchanting natural environments and manmade world heritage sights at its disposal, locations that will bewitch you all the same even in the absence of the fantastical CGI elements for which Game of Thrones is known.