How to Design the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations and wedding thank yous matter because they are a tangible representation of the wedding you are planning. But you don’t have to spend exorbitant sums to secure the perfect design, not if you follow these steps:

1). Size

Before you can start brainstorming ideas for themes and colors, pick a size for your invitation cards. This stage isn’t that difficult because you can make your selection from the standard sizes on offer. If you want to print the cards yourself, you should also look for a local printer that can do the job.

2). Theme

This is where things get complicated. Your wedding needs a theme and the card should represent that theme. If you have a specific personality, the card’s theme can convey it. Don’t forget to find a matching color theme.

Basic Invite makes this easy because it has over 180 colors that you can use to change the appearance of every inch of your invitation card to ensure that it matches your tastes. And luckily, Basic Invite is offering 15 percent off with this coupon code.

You should determine the visual theme and style early on so that the event planner can fit them into the wedding decor. This will prevent you from making changes later that could cause your budget to balloon.

If you have a creative mind, you can design the theme yourself. Otherwise, you can always make your selection from a gallery of templates.

3). Images

Find the images you intend to include on the card. Some cards feature photos of the couple. Others are plastered with images from the location where the wedding will take place.

4). Font

The font is critical to your visual theme and style. The font should accentuate the theme rather than clashing with it. You can use this opportunity to identify the words you want to add to the card. Be sure to include an RSVP card and either an envelop that people can use to return it or an email address.

Some people make an effort to match the style of their wedding website and registry to the style of the card. This isn’t necessary but you can use the approach to create a visual connection between all the platforms promoting the wedding, including your social media account.

Take the time to print out some samples before settling on a design. You should only send the designs for printing once you are completely satisfied with your work.