Sega will release its Genesis Mini retro console

Retro consoles are all the rage. The PlayStation Classic did not receive the rousing reception Sony expected. And Sega’s attempts at licensing its name out to third-party creators (AtGames) produced mixed results.

But retro consoles are still big, which is why the gaming community was quite excited when Sega announced its intention to release the Sega Genesis Mini Retro Console in autumn.

The console will be a much smaller version of the original device but it is expected to boast quite the impressive lineup of games, this including Ecco the Dolphin, Gunstar Heroes, Thunder Force III, Land Stalker and Phantasy Star IV to mention but a few.

42 titles await the individuals who will purchase the retro console on the 19th of September. The mediocre performance of the PlayStation Classic cannot be ignored.

The chances of buyers scoffing at the Sega Console’s $79.99 price tag are quite high. However, the buzz surrounding the Genesis Mini’s announcements has given its makers hope.

If the pictures are to be believed, then the console will remain faithful to the design of the original.

Sega presented the device at E3 and the people who were fortunate enough to engage with it came away impressed.

Supposedly, buyers will get a pair of USB controllers and an HDMI cable. And fortunately, you can now save, which means that all those games that were once seemingly impossible to beat will become so much easier. 

The Genesis Mini is cheaper than the PlayStation Classic and it has more games than the SNES Classic. Some fan favorites are absent such as the original Sonic the Hedgehog but you won’t miss them because you still get Altered Beast and Golden Axe and so much more.

If you do not have the original console on hand, then this is as good a replacement as any. In fact, it is probably better because it isn’t quite as cumbersome.