Top Beaches To Visit In Asia

People typically associate Asia with rich traditions, cultures, and cuisine. They have no idea that the Top Beaches to Visit in Asia are some of the most spectacular in the world.

The Pink Beach in Komodo National Park, Indonesia, for instance, is exactly what it sounds like; a beach with pink sand, one of only seven in the entire world. And it isn’t even that far from Singapore.

Maehama over in Japan is just one of several beaches surrounding Miyako Island. They are all perfect settings for a family vacation because of their calm waters and reefs. You can swim, snorkel or simply lie back and enjoy the sunset.

Of course, if all you want is unbridled beauty, then you might as well visit Palawan in the Philippines, known for its limestone cliffs, white beaches, and untouched lagoons. Palawan is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

Going back to Indonesia, a visit to Parai Tenggiri on an inconspicuous island between Jakarta and Singapore will put your soul to rest. The turquoise waters are pristine and the limestone boulders in their depths are definitely a sight to behold.

Few tourists come to Parai Tenggiri so you can enjoy the beach in isolation.

Maalifushi has such an amazing aesthetic when viewed from above. Located in The Maldives, Maalifushi offers a view of the sun rising and setting into the Indian Ocean that few other places on earth can rival.

Its crystal clear waters seem to drift on into eternity. 

The crescent beach in Sri Lanka, on the other hand, isn’t just home to amazing natural wonders. The accommodations are also just as amazing, not to mention the restaurants with their Sri Lankan Curry and the whale watching trips on offer.

And then there is Gaya Island in Malaysia whose beaches, walkways, and accommodations are surrounded by an ancient forest and which has become a favorite amongst travelers that want a quiet but luxurious escape.

It is almost criminal to think that so many of Asia’s gorgeous beaches have gone unnoticed for so long by some of the world’s most enthusiastic tourists and adventurers.